Buying Policies


Our Buying Policies are prominently displayed in our store:

  • We buy gently used books, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks on CD everyday from 10am until 6pm. However, if we do not have time to review your items while you browse the store, you may be asked to fill out a form and leave them. We prefer this method to setting rigid days or times for book-buying.
  • Please keep your Credit Voucher in a safe place! Do not lose it! We don’t keep records of credits issued or credits used.
  • Please bring clean items to the store in boxes or bags for us to review. For those items that we accept, we set a price at which we feel they will sell and offer you 50% of that price in store credit or 25% in cash, with some exceptions.
  • Please don’t be offended if we cannot accept your items. What we buy depends on condition, age and (most importantly) the number of those items we may already have in stock.
  • We always have the right to refuse to buy any item for any reason.
  • Note that we can no longer take videotapes or audiobooks on CASSETTE in either trade or for cash.
  • Also note a change in our policy regarding rejects. If you leave your items and wish to pick up rejects, we can no longer hold them indefinitely. We prefer that you pick them up within 48 hours, but at the most we will hold them for 7 days. Should you not return within that time, we will donate your rejects to community non-profit organizations.